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Facebook Surround 360 Video Camera

Facebook (owners of Oculus) announced their new Facebook Surround 360 video camera yesterday during their 2016 F8 keynote. The camera features 14 wide angle cameras, capable of capturing video at…

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Crytek Announces VR FIRST Initiative

Crytek has announced a smart, new VR initiative called VR FIRST, which will provide a ready-made solution for VR developers, students and researchers who want to implement VR labs in…

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Google Adds Spatial Audio to the Cardboard SDK

Google recently added a new feature to their Google Cardboard SDK called Spatial Audio, which provides some cool, new tools and resources for creating immersive audio within Google Cardboard applications….

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A Review of the DSCVR Headset by I Am Cardboard

The DSCVR Headset is a collapsable, plastic VR headset by I Am Cardboard, which originally launched in October 2015 via Kickstarter. I recently received my device and thought I would…