Oculus Home Update for Gear VR

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Since I was out of town over the past week, I am just now getting around to checking out the Oculus Home Update for Gear VR, which was recently rolled out. Here is a quick video of a screen capture from my device. This is also a first attempt at using the video capture feature in Gear VR. A nice addition, although a bit confusing at first.

The update was made to make the Gear VR version match the Oculus Home for the Oculus Rift. At first inspection, everything seems to match with the exception of the social component which is missing. Still waiting to hear if or when Oculus will be adding this to the Gear VR Home, although there is a huge empty space on the right where it should live, so we can only anticipate this feature is coming.

So far, the update looks really nice. Lots of texture and scenery to look at. Much more interesting to look at than the previous version.


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