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Sean Earley is the Executive Editor of AR/VR Magazine & Modern Musician Magazine, CMO & Creative Director at booomVR, an author, publisher, musician, & artist. He Loves guitars, VR and coffee.

360 Video / by Sean -

Nokia OZO Virtual Reality Camera

Nokia has just announced the OZO Virtual Reality camera that shoots 360 video and audio simultaneously. They state that it is “the first commercially available virtual reality (VR) camera designed…

Branding / by Sean -

Birchbox Announces a New VR App

Beauty care sample box company Birchbox has recently announced a new VR app and content strategy targeting it’s male customers. In August, the company will be distributing free branded Google…

Design / by Sean -

Google I/O 2015 – Designing for Virtual Reality

Google released a really informative video at Google I/O 2015 today, featuring an in depth discussion on designing VR applications for Google Cardboard. The presentation covers UX, best practices and guidelines…

AR / by Sean -

The Monzo Virtual Model Builder App

When I was a kid I loved building plastic models. I was really good at it too. Once a week, I would go to the Hobby Shop on University Way…